Crowd Alarm

Wake up with friends!

Can you inspire a friend to get out of bed?

What would you say to make someone's day better when they first wake up? Would you tell a joke? play a song? remind them to sieze the day?

What if you could record a message and send it out as a wake up call to everyone you know... and even some friends you haven't met. Who would you inspire?

Could waking up be easier?

Would you look forward to hearing something new and motivational every morning, instead of the same screeching alarm?

Do you need a little persuastion to leave your pillow and dreams for the real world?

Could waking up better make you a better person?

Crowd Alarm is a crowdsourced wake up call community that connects creative, inspiring people with other creative, inspiring people.

Crowd Alarm begins in:

15 Days

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